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Joiner Properties - Rental Criteria

  • Equal Housing - This community does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity

  • Occupancy Standard - Adult is defined as a person over the age of 18. A maximum of three (3) persons per bedroom with no more than two (2) adults per bedroom is permitted. 

  • Age - Leaseholder(s) must be 18 years or older (may require co-signer if under 21), including head of household. 

  • Income - Gross monthly income of household must be 2.5 times monthly resident paid portion of rental amount. Section 8 voucher holders must have income of at least 2.5 times their portion of the monthly rent. Assets for the duration of the lease term sufficient to cover the income standard may be considered in lieu of income.

  • Rental History - Applicant must have acceptable housing history. Failure to provide complete housing history for the past three (3) years may be cause for rejection. The property manager will obtain landlord verification on an applicant's previous rental history. Applicants with negative or omitted housing history may be rejected. 

  • Credit Scoring - Credit Score must generally be 500 or above; guaranties with acceptable credit history may be accepted in lieu of acceptable credit history. No credit will be treated as good credit. Credit history will be evaluated including but not limited to: monthly payment obligations, collections actions, charge-offs, judgments, open bankruptcies, and foreclosures. Applicants with unpaid utility accounts or who owe money to a previous landlord are subject to immediate denial. 

  • Criminal Background - Felony convictions are cause for rejection. Any misdemeanor convictions within the past 7 years involving assault, burglary, crimes against a person, destruction of property, drugs or weapons are cause for rejection. All sex crime convictions from any time frame are a cause for rejection. Arrest records resolved by dismissal or acquittal will not be considered. Backgrounds for all adult occupants will be checked. 

  • Animals - Pets shall not be allowed without the prior written consent of the Lessor. At the time of signing this lease, Lessee shall pay one hundred dollars ($100) pet fee this fee is nonrefundable. A required pet deposit, which is half of the monthly rent is to be held for pet damages to the premises (if any) as provided by law. Any Lessee who wishes to keep a pet in the rented unit must sign a Pet Agreement Addendum.

  • Lease Terms - Prices listed are for a one (1) year lease.

  • Smoking - There is no smoking inside any of our properties. This includes you and any guest. All cigarette butts and ashes must be discarded in an approved container designed for this purpose. 

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